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Our website Missions is clear and straightforward. We are here to provide you all authentic and reliable information related to the online gambling industry which include news, celebrities, tips to play, casino reviews and many more. We do not only serve local countries, we are going international. Everything you are looking for, our team is constantly researching and publishing it on a timely basis. Purpose of this is to ensure our readers are able to receive the latest information and use it to further improve their gambling experiences.

Again, we always put our readers in the top position and always operate the site in a way that works in the best interests for you. We are giving you the truth and honest articles regarding the online gambling industry to increase your confidence in the game.


What We Do

In order to keep our readers to stay on the top trend in gambling industry, myBettingList are always researching, writing and publishing new articles on a timely basis. This is to ensure our readers can keep engaging with us while continuously learning new knowledge.

We create several main sections in this site that are essential and every player should read it first before starting play at any gambling activities.

Casino Reviews

In this section, players are able to easily find out the best and the worst casino that is available in the market. We have our professional team that is constantly reviewing online casinos to ensure we are able to give our readers the most accurate information regarding the online casino. We rate these gambling sites based on our strict 25 rating criterias

Gambling News

We will mainly focus on gambling related news and articles in this section. We are aiming to update our readers on the latest trend in the industry. Our news team is coming from every country which allows this site to provide international news content that is relevant and important to our readers. 

Guideline to Gamble & Play Casino Games

If you are a first timer in the online gambling industry, your first step should be alway check out the available information or guidelines on how to gamble and play certain casino games. It can be any gambling related games such as roulette, baccarat, sports betting and more. We provide comprehensive articles that cover all these topics and we encourage our readers to start reading articles about their favourite games first before playing any bets. This is to maximize your gaming experience later.


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In the past, you may see articles about myBettingList in several online social media platforms or news. You may visit and read the articles to know more about it. These sites may have cited myBettingList.com as trusted casino information. 


Be Responsible in Any Gambling Activities

Anyone can enjoy in gambling. In fact, there are more than 1 billion in the world who are enjoying it right now and there is nothing wrong about it. This is true when we take it as entertainment activities. 

However, it can cause negative impact if the player does not have self-control or go beyond the boundary. We will not hope to see our readers face this type of situation. Therefore, you could check out our responsible gambling page to learn more about it.


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