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More Questions About myBettingList

Other than asking us questions through our contact channels, you could also check out the following list. Below we have compiled and created a list of top 5 common questions that are asked by our readers and answers.

Is myBettingList a casino?
We are 100% not a casino. We do not provide any form of entertainment or gambling services on this site. We are professional third-party reviewers that highly focus on online casino and gambling related industries. We are founded by a team of experienced writers that aim to provide trustworthy gambling information to ensure our readers have a wonderful gambling journey.
How fast can you reply to me?
In normal circumstances, we will try our best to reply as soon as possible. Estimately 24 hours. During peak seasons, the duration will be longer. Please be patient.
I have more questions about casinos, what should I do?
If you are unable to find answers in this FAQ section, you can directly contact us through our available contact channels.
Do you offer a casino bonus?
We do not offer or provide any reward or bonuses to our readers. However, our team is continuously researching promotions and bonuses that are conducted by online casino platforms. We are collecting all the information and compile a list of current promotions and bonuses for our readers to redeem it. This is because we want our readers to enjoy the best rewards while also having exciting gambling in their favourite casino platforms.
Can you help me solve problems that I am facing in casinos?
We are unable to represent you to solve problems in the casinos. However, we provide detailed information about almost all online casinos. These information include advantages and disadvantages of the casino, bonus offered, promotion and more. You should always research and read the casino information first before playing it.