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When to (And Not To) Double Down in Blackjack Malaysia

Double down is an interesting move in blackjack – and a win-win situation if you do it right. In this case, you double your bet on the middle of the hand and only get one card. This is risky because if you get a low card you can’t hit anymore and risk twice as many chips.

Knowing when to double in blackjack is important. It’s about finding the right balance between safety and taking risks – to make sure you have the advantage. In this article, we will provide some examples of when to duplicate as is done in casinos and answer some common questions.

When You Need to Double Down

There are three different scenario that our casino experts would recommend you to place double down your blackjack:

When your card is total 11

This is your best chance to make double down because you have a high chance to hit or close to the number 21.

When you are in the soft 16, 17, or 18

It is a high chance to hit or close to number 21 when dealers show a lower card. However if you do add the card, you are giving the chances to the next player.

When you holding a 9 or 10

It also doubles down when the dealer shows a lower card. Thus, you can have a high chance to beat the dealer.

Please take note that, observe properly then only make your double down action on blackjack. These tactics above should be used properly.

Double down blackjack

When You Should Not Double Down

Here’s a pretty straightforward one: never double when the dealer shows an ace.

It is hard to get a blackjack 21 even the dealer themselves. Thus, do not easily get affected when you see your dealer holding a higher card.

Never double if you show anything higher than 11 because the chances of default are too high to take chances. Better to just hit or stick to a lower total and then hope the dealer fails.

In general, if you are unsure whether to double, stick to the safe option and stick to your stakes.

You will notice that some of the table players keep doubling and the players usually lose a lot of money. You shouldn’t double most of the hands – only take risks if you are an obvious favorite.

How to Signal in Double Down Blackjack Malaysia

If you want to double blackjack, all you have to do is insert the chip stack into your original bet. This stack must be the same value as the original bet.

If shoving the extra chips on the table doesn’t work (99% of the time) simply notify the dealer of your intention to double and point your finger to signal that you have another desired card. As simple as that.

Best advice: don’t place chips on real bets. It is hated by bookies and other casino staff because it might mean that you are faking the original bet.

signaling in blackjack

FAQs on Double Down Blackjack

Can you double after splitting?

You usually can’t double up after splitting, but you will find several Malaysia online casino that will allow you to. If you can double after splitting, use the same decision-making process you used to evaluate the normal hand you receive.

Can you double after hitting?

You can’t double 99% of the time after hitting. The reason this is not allowed is because it simply gives players too much of an advantage over the casino. Once you’ve hit, there’s nothing you can do but hit again – it’s also impossible to split up or take out insurance.

Do you always have to double 11?

Generally yes. This is a really great way to make money from blackjack, especially if you are a casual player.

Should I double 10?

Again, this really depends on the cards shown by the dealer. If they have an ace or 10 points, you may not want to double because there is a real chance they will get a good hand and beat you easily. If they show 6 or less, doubling is possible.

How many cards do you get if you double blackjack?

When you double, you only get one additional card. The thought of dealing as many cards as you want is one of the main mistakes beginners make in the game of blackjack. Here are the risks of double discounted blackjack betting as you can get a low overall total if a low card is dealt.

Can You Double 21 In Blackjack?

No, you can’t double 21. If you could, everybody would do it every time their bookie hit blackjack! If you are lucky enough to hit blackjack, you will find that the dealer pays you out instantly and there is nothing more you can do with your hand.

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