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How to Play Online Baccarat for Beginners: Basics and Baccarat Rules

Online Baccarat

Online casino games are plenty of fun for everybody. Even if you are just starting for the first time, there’s always something that you can find and have fun with. The range of casino games is another aspect of live casinos Malaysia that brings many people from all over the world to join and play together.

Compared to the technology in the past, nowadays implementation of new technology has allowed the game to be more accurate and look better with a live dealer. Baccarat is one of the many card games that online casinos have to offer. It is the most popular game in any casino in the world.

But when you take the matters online, you will find a large number of people playing baccarat every single day. If you join any live casino you will find thousands of people trying their luck on this game. There is a reason why baccarat has won the hearts of people. The simplicity, entertainment, and high odds are some of the elements that make this casino game popular amongst people.

If you have no idea about how to play online baccarat, then you are in the right place. This article will take through every little aspect of live casino baccarat, the information will help you find the right strategy and know everything about the game to make accurate decisions.


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What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a very popular card game in the world. You can find this game in any casino you step into, the popularity of this game is still alive and thriving. As more people learn about this game every single day, when it comes to gameplay baccarat follows the same type of game mechanics as regular scratch cards.

The game of baccarat casino Malaysia uses 52 card deck minutes the 2 jokers. One of the reasons why it is so popular compared to others is because of its profitability. The game has some high odds and entertainment factors to keep the audience engaged in the game. All of these aspects are prevalent in any physical casino in the world.

No matter which casino you decide to go to, you will see baccarat live casino being played by hundreds of people.


Origin Of Baccarat

The origin of this game dates back to 15th-century Europe, it was one of the most popular games at that time. Back then gambling entertainment included online baccarat as one of the popular games in the market. Over time, the game spread to more regions. And now every casino in the world includes baccarat.

The simplicity of the game popularized the game more in many different countries. As it allowed more to join in the game without going through thick books of rules and regulations. Some say this is the reason why this game is being played everywhere else on the planet. Now you will find this game being played in almost all the casinos in the world.

It is pretty safe to say the game has made its transitions to the online platform really well. Millions of people play live casino baccarat on many different online platforms every single day.


What Are Rules And Terms of Baccarat?

The rules here are very simple and easy to understand. Even if you are a newcomer who has never tried their hands on online casinos. You will find the rules to be very simplistic and easier to understand.

Players will have to place their bets on the box of their choice. Then it all comes down to the dealer to draw cards and compare the results.

There can only be 3 bets in this game

  • Player – betting the player to win the game
  • Banker- betting on the house to win the game
  • Tie- betting on the top two with the same number of attributes.

Betting on the player will get you a stake of $1:1. Placing the bet on a banker will have you lose 5% of the dealer’s commission only if you win this bet. Tie holds the highest odds of 1:8, it could go even more depending on the house.

These Are the rules of baccarat, players will have to proceed with their bet on 1 of the 3 mentioned doors. The door with a higher score or close to 9 will be the door that gets the prize.


Is It Difficult to Play Baccarat?

The game is based on dealers dealing with cards and the players betting on them. Dealers will deal only 3 cards on each side.

It follows the same structure as scratch cards, and just like scratch cards, the size with a larger number wins the game.

Cards with 10, J, Q, K will count as 10 points. Counts as 1 or 11 points and the rest count for their value such as 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

If the number of points goes over 10, then only points in the positions of the units will be calculated.

In short, it is rather easy to play baccarat, getting the basics of the game will set you straight for the gameplay.


How to Play Online Baccarat?

When it comes to the structure of baccarat, you will see it resembling the game of blackjack. Firsoyu will need to buy chips, the card is going to be played from an 8-deck. All the cards will have points attached to them.

While you have the option of choosing between player, banker, and tie. Never bet on the latter one, betting on the tie usually results in lousy odds. In some casinos, you will see side bets, but many recommend skipping the side bet because they have lousy odds.

Unlike blackjack, in baccarat live Malaysia, there is only the dealer’s hand and player’s hand. This rule stays the same no matter how many people have joined the battle.


Do You Have to Create a Strategy For This Game?

Technically, no because the game has simple rules that are easily digestible for the newcomers. You will not have to create any strategy as this game is based on chance. Some variations attract different types of players, the recent variation attracts people who like to go for lower stakes.

But in the long run, you will not need any type of plan or technique to win the game. The game is largely based on luck. If you are lucky then you will get the highest score against your opponent. The game has no particular strategy that you can follow to win the game, but there are other things you can do that would help you a lot.

Gambles are always on the lookout for strategies that could help to get an edge over the system that is established in a casino. In many games, it is possible to come up with a strategy that could help you get an edge over the casino. Other card games such as blackjack, where you can take your time and create a strategy that would get you to the top.

In the game of baccarat casino online, the main or key strategy has always been to track which bets are on the winning track.  It could either be a banker or dealer. If one side is winning much too often, then that could be the horse that will get through the finish line. This gets easier, as casinos offer pencils and scorecards to the player so they can keep track of these trends to stay ahead.

Here the gambler prefers to ride on a hot streak or the opposite. For example, if a banker has won 4 times in a row, the gambler will put the money on the banker to take advantage of the winning streak. Here the gamble can also take the opposite side as if they believe it can be too difficult for the banker to win for the fifth time, then the gambler will decide to put the money on the player.

This strategy is also called ‘The Gambler’s Fallacy. Keeping track of the results from the previous game will create a probability that either you lean on one side or the other. That is just the one strategy that people follow in the baccarat game, there is also another strategy that is also being used to see the winning factor.

The second strategy that gets used for baccarat games has been used for roulette. This strategy is called the Martingale system, it is primarily designed for roulette. People have been using this strategy for roulette, but some have found a way to use this same strategy for the game of baccarat. Here the plan is to palace the same even money bet. If you win the game, then celebrate. If you manage to lose, then you double the size of the previous bet.

Let’s say you lose for the second time, then you need to add double the size of the previous bet. It can get a bit complicated, here’s an example:

Let’s assume you bet $100 on your first bet, if you won this round then all is good. But if you face loss, then you will need to increase the bet amount to $200 on your second bet.

If you manage to see the loss again, then you double the amount from $200 to $400 on your 3rd bet. This will go on until you see the light in the dark tunnel, once you manage to win, you will recoup all the losses from the previous bets. While it does sound great, long losing streaks are less probable than in reality. The system is built to improve your probability of having winning sessions but the road is tough as you will have to deal with large losing sessions to make up for your losing session.


Should You Play It Online?

Online baccarat is much more fun and convenient for many people who never tried their hands on this game ever in a real casino. If you want to experience a game of baccarat live casino for the first time, going online is a much better option. As you will not have to carry any travel expenses, you will just need your phone to get started.

Many online live Malaysia casino websites have mobile app versions that you can use to play themes anywhere at any time you want. Most websites have 24×7 customer support and availability for the users. There will not be a time when the game refuses to run.

The availability of the game is what attracts people the most, as they can sit anywhere and play their favorite game without any restriction. Just make sure the website that you are trying to get into has good security service installed on it. It will help you protect your personal information along with your details on the game and financial information.

It can be very easy for anyone to get rolled into a scummy-looking website. But there are patterns that differentiate a good website from a bad website. A good website with all the necessary security facilities will have a green bar on the top of the page to indicate that this is an indeed certified secure page.

If a website doesn’t offer that, then you need to move on to another website. How many browsers will let you know if a website has the google approved functionality or not. If it doesn’t then you can rely on some visual cues to get the information about the website. Another best thing to do is to read up about the website details. Reviews will let you know about the website and its casino gaming site. Researching on the website will prove to be very beneficial later on.



Baccarat is a pretty famous game all around the  world. If you have never played the game before; online platform offers plenty of value to keep you satisfied with the game for a long time.

Just make sure to read up about the website and their reputation so you will not get ripped at the end. Check out the reviews to find a good website that will help you with your gaming passion.