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Your Guide On How To Play Online Mahjong in Malaysia

Online Mahjong

Playing your favorite casino games online is not something that will happen in the future, you can right now use your phone to play any number of games you like without any sort of restrictions.

An online live casino Malaysia website brings you the best service of recreating the feeling of being in a casino without ever stepping foot outside of your house. This article will help you walk through all the important bits of online mahjong that you need to know before you decide to play one online.

The game of mahjong can be pretty addictive, and the online orientation provides you with different alternatives that you can use to get the most out of your time. Just like mahjong in the physical world, online variations offer the same amount of content and more for your time.

Just make sure the website that you want to play on has the casino mahjong options. Only a few websites have different mahjong Malaysia games to meet your requirements. Different variations offer more value and consume less time of your life. If you are looking to have a fun time that doesn’t take up too much of your time, then you should find a mahjong game that can be finished in under 0 minutes.

This article will spotlight all the different types of mahjong Malaysia that get played online and in the physical world. Once you are aware of the rules, games, time limits, and more you will have a great time with them.


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Is It Legal to Play Mahjong in Malaysia?

According to Malaysian law, it is legal to play recreational mahjong. You will not violate any law when you decide to play in a reputable online gaming platform, the same rule applies online as well. So if you are planning to try your luck at online mahjong you don’t have to worry about breaking any law. All the websites follow the rules that have been set up to make the game experience functional for the people.

They follow the rules to ensure the customer gets the most out of their time and leaves with fun. There is a law that says it is prohibited to play mahjong online Malaysia practically allows casino games to be played by their people without restriction.

One of the things that you have to do first is to pick a website that has a reputable history behind it. There are countless websites that offer the game of online mahjong Malaysia but only some of them will have a reputation online.

You will need to find the one that will give you the best in-game experience without wasting your time. In order to find a website that follows all the rules that have been set up on online casinos, you will need to do a quick google search on the websites and their user reviews. If the reviews paints a good story, then you can be aware about the quality of service that you will receive from the game.


What is Online Mahjong?

Online mahjong follows the same concept as the real one. Mahajan is a chess game where the opponents try to get the biggest card combinations to win. Originating in China, it is now part of the online casino community. It is played by millions of people worldwide. The history of mahjong dates back to the 1850s in Shanghai, China.

There are many conspiracies surrounding the origin of this game, but one thing and we can all agree that this game is fun. With perfect strategy, people have the chance to become professional and take part in multiple mahjong tournaments all around the world.

It is all about creating the strategy, skills, and summations. Many people think of live mahjong casino as a game to improve your memory skills and relieve some stress on your brain. While the classic game is fun, many do think jumping online is a much better option.

Mahjong casino means Little Sparrows, it is based on the noise the tiles make when they are shuffled. This is said to sound a lot like sparrows talking to each other.


What Are The Basic Principles of Mahjong Games?

Every casino game in the world has certain principles, these principles are what make the game balanced and fun to play. To understand the game better, one must know about the principles and how the game gets played to win.

Mahjong Malaysia includes 36 characters, 36 bamboo tiles, 36 circles, 16 win tiles, 12 dragons. This is the classic mahjong set that can be found in any casino that holds this game. But when you make a jump to the online you will be dealing with two additional tiles: four flower tiles, four-season tiles.

These are the basic playstyle of every mahjong game you will encounter online, they all follow these same rules and as a player, you must know about them and the understanding of each tile to get the best value out of your game.


How to Play Mahjong?

If You never played online mahjong in your life, things will look complicated at first glance. As there are plenty of steps that you will go through to learn the basic concept behind the game.

But don’t let it overwhelm you, with enough practice, you will get to the professional stage in no time It is all about creating the right strategy; online live mahjong casino offers a different variety of mahjong that you can play and enjoy.

But if you are starting for the first time, many recommend you to get started with the traditional mahjong. When you are playing online; there are rules that you need to follow to create a strategy that will get you the trophy at the end:

  • Get mahjong by using discarded tiles/
  • Mahjong consists of 4 sets of 3 tiles and one pair of tiles.
  • You can set these games in two ways: either Pung or Chow.

The online game takes in 144 tiles and lays them out as a wall in the center of the game surface. Your job is to match the tiles, and then find similar ones. You will get a score based on the matching tiles that are not covered, away from the sides, and special characters.

You should be aware of the version of the game that you are interested in playing; all of them are going to share the game concept but with different rules. It is better to know the rules to get your online journey started. If you are interested in a particular type of mahjong online Malaysia, then you should take your time and invest in learning about the game before you join one online.

There are countless tutorials that you can find to get started, all of them are going to show you the basics and then take you to the advanced level game in a matter of minutes. Just pay attention to the rules, once you have understood the core concept behind the game, then you can try your luck winning it.


Tips About Online Mahjong

The game can be a bit overwhelming for new players, but with tips, you can enjoy the game far better and make fewer mistakes in the game. True masters of mahjong all have a great level of concentration to know each bit about the game. To play successfully against anyone, you will need to have a strategy that works in different types of situations.

Following on some tips will help you stay ahead against the beginners and the people who never played the game before. It can be very easy to make mistakes in the game, but learning about the game at the basic level will help you stop repeating or making any mistakes in the game. This section will cover the best tips that you can use to know more about the game and make fewer mistakes in the game.

  • Matching tiles to reveal the most hidden files should be the best way to play.
  • Remember that horizontal tiles are difficult to remove.
  • If you happen to have three of the same tile, then the next step is to match the two that will unveil most tiles.
  • If you are locked in a tough situation, then you have to resort to shuffling the tiles.

To finish the game, you must remove all the mahjong tiles from the board; you have to do it before the time runs out. It can be very difficult to master the basic strategy behind mahjong casino online.


What Kind of Mahjong Variant Will You See Online?

While the traditional variant of online Mahjong is the popular one in most casinos in the world, different variants offer much more diversity in the gameplay. Back then traditional mahjong used to be the center of attention in any casino games in china. But the traditional game of mahjong Malaysia has evolved into a wide range of games.

Several variants of mahjong are exclusive to online mahjong. They are not played anywhere but online. Some of them are: mahjongg dimensions. You are probably wondering if the game variants are so good, then why not play them in the real place. In reality, it will be very difficult to recreate the mahjong online Malaysia.

When it comes to live casino mahjong variants, the Mahjong dimension is the only one that gets played online. Other variants share different concepts, as they can be played both offline and online. The evolution of mahjong happened in many different games.

They include: mahjong connect, mahjong classic, and deluxe mahjong. Most of them are playable in the physical world. If you want to master them online, then you can do that over your phone or computer, as many online casino sites provide huge ranges of games including online mahjong and its variants.

Mahjong Connect

This variant is also known as mahjong solitaire. In this game, you have to clear the tiles off the board to win the match. This variant of  live casino mahjong is more for the people who just want to refine their skills and time management. It is also very helpful to people who want pattern recognition skills.

Mahjongg Dimensions

This variant takes in the player pattern recognition, reaction time, and processing speed. As it requires the players to manipulate a three-dimensional stack of symbolic mahjong tiles and match pairs of tiles.

Passing levels in the mahjong dimension will result in the addition of more challenging tiles set. Quickly pairing tiles will gain points out of that player. These are the mahjong casino game variants you will encounter online and in the physical world. It is better to know if your favorite online casino website offers the amazon variation or not.

Many live casinos Malaysia offer a variety of games, the list includes different variants of mahjong to create a fun time for the player.


How Long Is a Game of Mahjong?

A four-person live game of mahjong will get done in under 15 minutes. A full live mahjong game Malaysia can take around 4 hours to complete. Free mahjong games are offered in different fields, as they can be done far quicker compared to the other variation. Free live mahjong games have timer settings applied to them.

You can expect these games to end in no more than just ten minutes. If you are looking to have a quick fun time without investing hours on end, then think about joining free mahjong games. They can be fun and addictive and don’t take up too much of your time.



Mahjong can be a complicated game, if you ever look at the board you will find it to be overwhelming. If you want to try it out online, various websites have been set up to give you the pleasure of playing live mahjong from your house.

You will also get to play with others and interact, and every second of the game will be streamed to you live. This is treason why so many people are playing games online. You just need to make sure the website is legit and has no bad track record with money or the game.