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Responsible Gambling

myBettingList is a comprehensive platform that covers a huge variety of gambling and online casino Malaysia (OCM) related topics. All articles are written by our professional writing experts that work in this industry for a long time. 

We are working hard to ensure our readers can enjoy their best gambling journey here which includes learning how to play better, play safer, claim rewards and many more. We are alway operate this site and write articles based on our readers’ best interests. 

Our commitment also includes helping our readers to gamble responsibly while having fun. We all agree that gambling definitely brings everyone a lot joyness that is hard to forget about but we believe addiction to gambling may lead to serious problems to players and their surrounding people.

For those players that have low confidence in controlling addiction to gambling, we highly encourage you to walk away and not participate in any form of gambling. It will be safer, save your time and money too.

We understand that there are a lot of people able to enjoy healthy gambling and able to control addiction. Therefore, you surely can enjoy the game in your free time but please gamble responsibly. After discussion with the gambling experts, we provide proven tips to be responsible in gambling. Please read and follow it. 


Have a Plan with Fixed Budget

Before playing, the best ways to avoid gambling addiction is to prepare and allocate a fixed budget to gamble in a casino. Plus, you set a time limit for you to stay in the game. It can be 1 hours or 5 hours or any time based on your preferences but you should always stick with your plan. If you are hitting your time or budget limit, you should quit the game for whatever reasons.

In addition, when setting your gambling plan, you should set it based on your affordability. You could possibly spend 5% or 10% of your monthly income on having fun. Overspending on gambling can lead you to sacrifice more things to compensate for it back. In the end, bad consequences occurred and we will not want our readers to face this type of situation. 


Have Fun with Gambling

We all understand that there are only small numbers of people who become professional gamblers and consistently make profit in real life. This is because most of the players are not committed to putting more effort and time to practice their skills and theories consistently. We do not discourage players to put efforts to become professional players.

However, we also can take gambling as a form of entertainment just like games in carnival. Most of the time we will lose more games than win in carnival. The important point is we are enjoying the thrill and fun of the games.

Please do not set expectations on winning a certain amount of money. This setting will tend to result in anger and anxiety whenever players lose the games. Then lead players to lose more money because they are thinking that they put more money to win back the losses. We called it the “Nightmare Cycle” and we always advise our readers not fall under this trap. 


Extra Tips for Responsible Gambling

In general, responsible gambling is all about being disciplined and rational when playing at a casino. You can always enjoy and spend your spare time there if you are able to control and have no addiction to it. Like the public said, gambling comes with a certain level of risks. Thus, you should always bear it in mind. 

Here are tips that could further assist you:

  • Gambling when you have clear head
  • Do not borrow money to gamble
  • Do not participate in margin gambling
  • Do not gamble when you are depressed


Gambling Addiction Prevention and Treatment

The difficulty of getting over gambling addiction is to admit you are addicted to it. You sure can find a lot of people that face this type of situation where they do not admit their addiction to gambling activities. 

We have research and find out the reliable authorities and international bodies that are able to help players to discover whether they are addicted to gambling and perform treatments. For those who are interested, you can visit the National Council on Problem Gambling and Gamcare.org to treat your gambling addiction.