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Mega Moolah Slot

Mega Moolah Slot

In the online gambling industry, Mega Moolah is one of the most favourable slot games in the world wide. It became so popular because it has a simple gaming interface which is only a 5 reel game with 25 different paylines. This game provides more features than an ordinary 3 reel slot and there are quite a number of gamblers who win a tremendous amount of jackpot in this game. So the highest jackpot is $1,000,000.

Mega Moolah online slot is developed by one of the famous top online casino in Malaysia market game software developer company called Microgaming in 2006. The game has a considerably high RTP that allows players to have higher chances to win more cash than any progressive jackpots. The minimum bet is $0.25 and the maximum amount is $6.25.

The game is not visually complicated in fact it is player friendly enough for new slot gamblers and experienced players to enjoy. This is because it provides autospin features that save players time and energy to continuously spin the wheel. Well note that it is famous with bonuses that consist of attractive multipliers that will multiply your wins. Plus, this bonus round is randomly triggered and will bring the player to fight in 1 among 4 progreesive jackpots and increase your winning money. 

It is developed based on African jungle theme where there are various animal icons in the game such as lions, elephants, birds and more. There is a guideline attached beside the slot for players to easily identify the winning combination and their payout rates. Smartphone users can access the game easily through their mobile version game. 


Significant Symbols in Mega Moolah

Lion Symbol

Lion icon is considered a wild card in the game. It can be replaced by any other game symbol such as elephone, ox, zebra and more. You may decide your preferred icons in order to build winning combinations. At the same time, it will trigger a 2x multiplier effect which brings your wins multiplier by 2. By lining 5 lion symbols, the line will make the gambler win 15,000 coins which is the highest base prize in the game. This is the symbol you should always look out for. 

Monkey Scatter Symbol

This is another symbol you should alway take a closer look at. Monkey Scatter symbol will make the player 2-100x multiplier to win your cashs. At least three Monkey Scatter will bring the gambler to a bonus round that is almost similar to lion symbol which is 15 free spin but 3x multiplier. It is the most attractive winning symbol in the game.


Additional Information

Exciting Bonus Round

Players will stand a chance to enter a thrilling bonus round. The extra bonus round allows the player to play 1 more time in the game and has higher chances to win the jackpot. Like a normal slot, a lot of fun themes are also included in the bonus round. In the bonus round, there are 15 free spins and 1 3x multiplier. If you are lucky enough, you may get yourself a mini, minor, major or mega jackpot which is $10, $100, $10,000 and $1,000,000 respectively.


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Even though this game has been released for more than 10 years, it still has a large number of gamers because it is famous of it’s jackpot winning amount. The game has slightly lower payout rate than other online slots but its jackpot payout amount is hard to resist for any slot players. Not to mention, Mega Moolah also has an amazing game visual and player-friendly interface. We recommend this game for new slot gamblers or experienced players that are looking for a chill & fun game.