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Sultan’s Fortune Slots

Classic slot games bring us a lot of childhood memories that we cannot forget easily. It is often fun and thrilling to spend some time on it. Sultan’s Fortune slots is one of the best examples of classic online casino Malaysia games that ever found on the Internet.

It is a video slot game developed by a gaming software developer that is well-known in gambling industry which is called Playtech company. The game emphasizes a retro vibe that brings players to the old school style gaming experience. Even though Sultan’s Fortune only has nostalgic 3 reels and single payline, it has extra features that make it standout than ordinary slots.

In general, this game is suitable for new players or gamblers who look for simple and easy to play with. The game is so color because it is using Middle East theme and it consists of a wide range of budget selection that allow players to choose based on their preferences.


Payouts and Rewards

Sultan’s Fortune Slots

Awesome Old School Game

Sultan’s Fortune online slot games have simple yet fantastic designs that provide us with an easy to surf interface. Players can easily identify what is the current situation happening in the game. It only has 2 main parts which are top and bottom sections. In the top section, it includes all the payout and rewards information for every winning combination in the games. In the bottom section, it shows the player the 3 reels. The Playtech’s intention behind it is to provide gamblers an easy to play environment and able to identify winning patterns without any confusion. 

Heart & Hat

The main selling point of Sultan’s Fortune is it does not have a complex gaming interface like ordinary slots. It is simple to play and it offers bigger winning amounts than others. If players go for maximum bet in the game and get 3 reels of hat symbol, players are able to win 10,000 coins payout. The next highest payout is 500 coins if the player is able to get 3 reels of heart symbol. 


Additional Information

Sultan’s Fortune Slots game

Wilds Game Mode

When a player enters wilds game mode in Sultan’s Fortune slot, every symbol in the game will be replaced by hat symbol. This will be easier, faster and increase players chances of winning the highest payout rate.


Play Sultans Fortune Slots for Free


Sultan’s Fortune slot game is ideal for experienced players who are looking for simple fun games or new players. It might not be suitable for gamblers that look for challenges like 5 reel online slots or more additional features such as more game modes or bonuses. However, Playtech did an excellent job in producing classic but visually attractive fun game.