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Online Sport Betting Guide – How to Bet On Sports

Sports Betting

For several decades, various sports have been developed across several countries. From Soccer, Badminton, Rugby, Tennis, Car race, Horse race, Hockey, Mixed martial arts, Baseball, Basketball, to American Football, the list is almost endless.

Consequently, people have developed a knack for placing bets on their favorite teams and the possible outcome that they believe will take place during a match or competition – this is simply known as sports betting. Once the sports or matches come to an end, the bettor that wins gets rewarded with the appropriate winnings. 

In recent years, sports betting Malaysia was introduced into online gaming Malaysia platforms – the acceptance by the public has been massive. Several bettors appreciate the fact that they can now make money from watching their favorite sports or team.

This has led to the creation of different bets and market lines. Also, more online bookmakers have emerged, offering exciting betting odds to players and generous offers to boost their winning chances.

Across Malaysia and beyond, Soccer (commonly referred to as Football) is more prevalent among sports betting enthusiasts. Hence, it is not surprising that most online casinos in Malaysia offer a long list of bet options in Football, alongside other sports. 

Aside from sports betting Malaysia, e-sports betting Malaysia is another worth exploring under sportsbook. However, esports betting is already becoming a category of its own among some online casinos. This betting category enables players to bet on your virtual or computer games.

To learn more about what you can expect from online sports betting and take advantage of the exciting betting category, read this article to end.


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Top Online Sportsbooks Games in Malaysia

Based on extensive assessment of various online sports betting Malaysia, the following three sports betting areas are widely engaged by online bettors:

a. Football betting

This refers to betting on arguably the most popular and biggest sports globally, Football matches. It is rare to find a country in today’s world where Football is not played.

The game featuring 11-men aside has millions of viewership per game, especially among the top European Leagues such as Premier League, La Liga League, etc. 

Online bookmakers offer an impressive list of bets and odds. The greater the odds, the higher the chances of winnings, albeit having a slimmer chance of winning.

However, if your prediction is right, you can land yourself in millions, depending on the amount staked and the odds. 

b. Esports betting

Here is another entertaining and hugely rewarding betting category under the online sportsbook Malaysia. In this category, bettors who love virtual or computer games get to bet on the possible outcome of such games. This often includes League of Legends, DOTA II, FIFA, CS: GO, etc.

Currently, the list of esports betting suppliers is growing, and you can expect more exciting offers into the future. If you seek sportsbook betting to bet on your favorite virtual game character or game and earn money, consider esports betting.

c. Badminton Betting

Among online betting households in Malaysia, Badminton betting is another widely engaged sports betting option. Similar to Football betting, you are required to choose your preferred bet and gamble on a possible outcome.

Badminton continues to gain a high frequency of online bettors because it’s relatively easier to win so far you are familiar with the games and the popular players that are likely to bring success to their team.

Hence, if you are very familiar with Badminton, then you should be using your experience to make considerable money from Badminton betting.


How to Play Online Sports Betting in Malaysia?

Thousands of players already engage in sports betting monthly, and the list will only continue to grow. This is because sports betting is getting easier to engage and manage every year. A key part is to ensure that you choose a reliable sportsbook provider online before you begin. 

Afterward, you can easily proceed to the “sports” option on the list of gaming categories from the homepage. If your preferred online casino Malaysia platform offers sports betting Malaysia from various providers, you can do quick research to choose the best option for yourself. 

Once you have decided on your sportsbook provider, proceed to choose the sports that you want to bet on.

Among the most commonly available sports include Football, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Horse race, and Rugby. However, don’t be surprised to see a long list of sports, depending on your sportsbook provider.

The next thing is to choose your bet. You are advised to understand the bet before confirming your bet. Also, check the odds as it determines how significant your rewards would be. Once you are confident in your bet choice. Proceed to stake your preferred amounts and confirm your bet. It’s quite straightforward.


Popular Type of Online Sportsbook Bets

The available bets on sports betting online are quite interesting and rewarding. However, it’s important to know their meaning in order to take the best advantage of them. If you are going into online sports betting, endeavor to know the following bets at least:

Handicap bets

This is otherwise known as line betting or points betting. Handicap bets enable players to keep the chances of losing minimal. By choosing Handicap, it means a particular event in sports must be surpassed to win the bet.

Handicap often features in sports where one team is well-known to be better than the other. To level the playing field, bookmaker usually gives more odds than just win, draw or lose. Instead, it offers a handicap bet on one team that must meet particular criteria for you to win big.


Otherwise referred to as Win bet, this refers to choosing an individual that you believe will be the champ of the game or event. The odds may change, depending on the perceived superiority of the player or group.

Hence, the rewards may differ based on the existing odds. Moneyline is one of the best bet options in online sportsbooks for several reasons. For one, it allows bettors to make money by betting on their favorite star players.

Accumulator bet

In this case, you are betting with various determinations that come together as a single bet. In other words, you need all the determinations to be in your favor to win an accumulator bet.

Accumulator bet is among the pioneers in Malaysia online sportsbook betting, especially in Asia.

It’s important to note that the determinations that constitute an accumulator are not an aggregator but several factors from a similar game. 


How to Choose Best Online Sportsbook in Malaysia?

Contrary to many newbies’ opinions, finding reliable and top bookmakers in Malaysia is not challenging. The most important thing is to keep a number of criteria in mind. Below are important qualities to check out while assessing an online sportsbook sites:

  • Available sports market – this is pretty easy. Simply proceed to the sports category on the homepage and check out the sports betting providers. If the online casino supports a single provider, check out the available sports and betting options. A provider offering a single sports or bet or a few is not worth wasting your time on.
  • Fairness of odds and payouts – check out the available sports betting types and consider the odds. You may compare two or three different sites to determine a betting platform offering the best offer.
  • Available bonuses – Top online sportsbook offers lucrative bonuses and promotions to sports betting enthusiasts on attracting them to their betting site and assisting in winning than losing. Hence, the available bonus is a good indicator of the responsible betting site.
  • Security standard – here is another crucial criterion to consider. A respectable gambling platform should support players’ privacy and confidentiality. You can get a good insight into the security standard of a betting site by checking whether it’s licensed by the relevant authority or not.  


Benefits of Playing Online Sportsbook Malaysia

i. Entertainment 

Aside from the ecstasy associated with watching your favorite sports, an online sportsbook also gives you the thrill of making money from seeing your team winning or a particular event occurring during the game.

ii. Versatile options

There is never a dulling moment when playing sports betting. This is because you can always surf across the available bet options and choose the best bet that appeals to you.

You can bet on a team to lose points, a team to win, a number of goals, among other possible outcomes. More so, online sports betting Malaysia supports a wide range of competitions, events, and outcomes.

iii. Generous bonuses

Most online casino Malaysia platforms offer impressive offers to players who bet on sports outcomes. All you need is to meet the minimum requirement.

And from there, you can claim prizes such as cash rebate, birthday bonus, extra bet, etc.

iv. Convenience

Another key benefit associated with online sports betting is that you can engage the bets at any time.

The majority of online casinos offer their bets on mobile apps. Hence, you can always play from anywhere and earn from the comfort of your home.


General Tips For Sports Betting Players

  • First off, it is important to enjoy sports betting on a reliable and reputable sportsbook casino in Malaysia. This helps you play without worrying about losing your hard-earned money to unscrupulous individuals.
  • It’s advisable to use an e-wallet to fund your online casino wallet. E-wallet is quick and usually free. With ease, you can deposit or withdraw via a reliable third-party payment network.
  • Create multiple accounts. It’s possible and permissible to join different online casino Malaysia platforms. In this way, you have more games to bet on and potentially more rewards when you win.



a. Is Malaysia Sport betting profitable?

Yes, sports betting on Malaysia betting sites is largely profitable. The most important thing is to understand the sports you are betting on and the choice of bets. The rest is easy.

b. What is the easiest sport betting Malaysia to win?

It depends on the individual’s experience. However, the most popular sports are usually the easiest game to win. In this case, it’s a Football game.

c. How do I place a sports bet on online casino Malaysia?

To place a bet, find a reliable betting site and register. Afterward, proceed to the sports betting category to access the sportsbook provider and choose your preferred game from any sports of choice.



And there you have the most crucial information to get started as a sportsbook bettor. Several sports games and bets are available on various online casino Malaysia sites. Endeavor to take your time in assessing different online casinos to find the best betting site for yourself.

Understand the bets and odds properly before placing your bet. Take advantage of the available bonuses and utilize the tips shared herein. Before long, you’ll become a pro at sports betting while making considerable returns.